Edhem Eldem - Saving Ottoman History from the Turks

In his lecture, Professor Edhem Eldem argued that nationalism and current Turkish politics constitute a barrier to research on the Ottoman Empire in today’s Turkey. Quite often, and everywhere, history is being used for political causes, and in the case of Ottoman history, this problem has become worse under the AKP governments. This leads to uncritical […]<<Read More...>>

Kadri Gürsel - General Election in Turkey, June 7, 2015

In a meeting that took place a week before the Turkish general election of June 7, 2015, Turkish publicist Kadri Gürsel shared with the participants of Club Turkey some important points regarding the election, president Erdoğan's problematic role in the electoral campaign and the historical participation of the Kurdish HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) in the election.<<Read More...>>

Louis Fishman, The New Turkey: Erdoğan's First 100-days as President

Professor Louis Fishman, Brooklyn College, CUNY. The meeting will be held on Sunday, 28 December 2014, 16:15-17:45 (Refreshments at 16:00), 133 Gilman Building, Tel Aviv University.<<Read More...>>