Ehud R. Toledano

Professor Ehud R. Toledano is the Director of the Program in Ottoman & Turkish Studies at Tel Aviv University (TAU), ISRAEL. With a PhD from Princeton University, he conducted extensive research in Istanbul, Cairo, London, and Paris, and taught courses on Middle East history at TAU, UCLA, Oxford, and other leading universities.

Among the 11 books he wrote and edited, the following are noteworthy (for full list of his publications, including many downloadable items, click here):

The Ottoman Slave Trade and Its Suppression, 1840- 1890, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1982; State and Society in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Egypt, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990; Slavery and Abolition in the Ottoman Middle East, Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1998; As If Silent and Absent: Bonds of Enslavement in Islamic Middle East, New Haven, CT and London: Yale University Press, 2007; and (ed.), African Communities in Asia and the Mediterranean: Identities between Integration and Conflict, Halle, Germany: Max Planck Institute and Trenton, NJ and Asmara, Eritrea: Africa World Press, 2011.

Professor Toledano also served as the Director of the Graduate School of History (2004-2008) and a member of TAU’s Executive Council (2005-2009).

Outside academia, Professor Toledano was on the advisory teams of Prime Ministers Peres (1984-1990) and Rabin (1990-1995), published numerous op-ed articles in leading Israeli and international newspapers, and gave many TV and radio interviews on current Middle East issues.